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Runoku, about us

Our products are made with natural ingredients like plants, oils and butters, creating a creamy soap lather. Unlike other commercial products that contain harsh chemicals and dry out the skin, our products deeply moisturize your skin minimizing dry, itchy or ashy skin. We created a line of handcrafted natural and organic, cruelty free products that will both moisturize your skin and soothe your senses.

We are based out of Chicago. With our long winters, we perfectly understand the need to pamper your skin and the importance of self-care during those long winter months. That is why we have searched for the right combination of ingredients to maximize skin benefits. We have many different aromas to fit everyone in your family. Yes, even your furry-babies. 

We are always in search for that at-home luxurious spa experience with natural bath and body products that nourish the skin and soothe your senses. We believe in taking the time to take care of yourself.  The benefits of using essential oils and safe fragrances has been a lifelong journey for us and we want to share it with you. It all started as a form of self care. It grew into making creams, body scrubs, lip balms & other bath and body products as gifts for loved ones. Ultimately leading us here, friends and family suggesting our products be shared with a bigger audience. Self care, natural ingredients and soothing scents have been a passion for us.  

We will do our best to accommodate your special orders with enough notice. Please email us any special order items you require and we will contact you promptly. (